Harvard Library: a closer look

I took a look at the Harvard Library website over the weekend, to pick apart the elements of the site that I really like. First and foremost, I love the minimalist layout and color scheme. The white background makes it look less boxy, and the sections are separated by horizontal lines instead of rectangular borders…. Read more »

Social Media Snobbery (or, Twitter is a tool, but you don’t have to be.)

(This article was cross-posted over at LISNews.) If someone corrects me one more time when I say that I “twittered” something (“um, you mean you tweeted?”) I am going to scream. Really. Right at them. And is the term “social media” passé already? I un-followed the person who tweeted that about thirty seconds after I… Read more »

Remember me?

Well, after many months of being m.i.a., I’m finally back in the good ol’ web 2.0 mentality, trying to get back into the world of the social web. Mind you, I’ve been good and active on Facebook, Twitter, feed-reading, etc., and even trying new apps like friendfeed and Digsby, but just haven’t found the time,… Read more »

Gorman: You’re a Dumbass, Part II

In light of the most recent Gorman crapola-fest, some interesting reading/watching… The first is an article in Library Philosophy and Practice about socially-driven authority, and the second is a clip from The Daily Show of an interview of political strategist Bob Shrum. If you let the video load and then shoot ahead to about 5… Read more »