Well, after many months of being m.i.a., I’m finally back in the good ol’ web 2.0 mentality, trying to get back into the world of the social web. Mind you, I’ve been good and active on Facebook, Twitter, feed-reading, etc., and even trying new apps like friendfeed and Digsby, but just haven’t found the time, energy or inclination to blog. Go figure.

Anyway, my library’s new website is almost ready for the public (the official launch date is July 1st, but the content is pretty much all there, we’re mostly just doing user testing and working out bugs at the moment). Yes, this will be a full 9 months after we were supposed to launch, but rebuilding a site from scratch is not an easy task, no matter how badly the powers that be want it to be one…

But with most of the stress involved with the website out of the way, and the campus nearly empty for summer break, I feel like I have a little time to myself again, to ease back into my own projects and pursuits, blogging being one of them (cleaning my desk/work area being another one… I’m ashamed, librarians should be more organized than this, shouldn’t we?!)

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