Well, I’m finally back from vacation, still freaking out about the upcoming semester and the new website… The new students arrived this week, so we’ve been pretty busy with orientation and outreach efforts.

On an entirely different note, did anyone see Andrew Keen on The Colbert Report? Is it just me, or is his entire persona pretty much pretentious and obnoxious? I mean, I definitely disagree with most of his viewpoints, but I had never actually seen an interview with him, and I didn’t realize his whole personality and demeanor were so condescending in general. Ick-o-rama.

And seriously, what is his deal? Can he really believe the internet is killing culture, or is this all just a guy putting on a show to be controversial and sell a lot of books (which would make it kind of ironic that he was on the Colbert Report, no?) I mean, I can’t seem to grasp his argument that the internet is putting “real” artists out of business.
What the heck is a “real” artist anyway? I would think the internet just allows all artists to put their work out there, and let the world decide what’s good and what stinks. I see it as a great tool for discovering talent and a promoter of the arts. I just can’t seem to wrap my head around his argument enough to really find all that much sense in it…

3 Responses to “Back in Business…”

  1. val

    aw gee, thanks 🙂 i definitely spend way too much time lolcatting it up. very sad… why are they just so dern cute?!

  2. royce

    love the subtitle of your blog.makes me instantly wanna go out and copy you.nice layoutz too.