On curiosity and the joy of learning

I love learning. I find it to be a truly joyous experience. I wasn’t always this way though. If you ask my friends from college, they will laugh, and tell you what a miracle it is that I managed to graduate (cum laude, no less) while attending so few classes, and doing so little work…. Read more »

Twitter RSS feed creation cheat sheet

Ok, so apparently Twitter is no longer supporting RSS?I tried doing an advanced search, and, sure enough, the “Feed for this query” button was gone. Then, when I mentioned it on Twitter, @shelitwits said it was still there for her, and when I checked again, it was back…So… Yes, perhaps I’m going crazy and I… Read more »

Social Media Snobbery (or, Twitter is a tool, but you don’t have to be.)

(This article was cross-posted over at LISNews.) If someone corrects me one more time when I say that I “twittered” something (“um, you mean you tweeted?”) I am going to scream. Really. Right at them. And is the term “social media” passé already? I un-followed the person who tweeted that about thirty seconds after I… Read more »

A snarky librarian by any other name is still a snarky librarian

So, yes, I’ve changed the name of the blog, how nice of you to notice! Honestly, I had grown tired of the whole “info babe” moniker (I think I thought it was cute at one point, but it just seems a bit silly now, and I don’t really think of myself as a “babe”…) but… Read more »