A snarky librarian by any other name is still a snarky librarian

So, yes, I’ve changed the name of the blog, how nice of you to notice! Honestly, I had grown tired of the whole “info babe” moniker (I think I thought it was cute at one point, but it just seems a bit silly now, and I don’t really think of myself as a “babe”…) but I thought I was too entrenched in my little social networking world under that username, and I figured I would never get rid of it. But after a particularly good session on social network profile management at last week’s Computers in Libraries conference (especially the talk by Greg Schwartz) I decided to make the move to use my real name for all my online identities (val_forrestal or vforrestal).

Another reason for this decision also stems from the conference. I was meeting in person people who I had only previously known through online connections, and I find it incredibly awkward to have to follow my introduction with “you might know me as the info babe?” Ick. And I’m really working on networking and presenting these days (how tacky of me to admit, I know. For shame!), so I’d like to be able to make a more professional impression. I guess I can also use that as a lead in to mention that I’ll also now be blogging LISNews.org, so keep an eye out for me over there!

Oh, and if you’re wondering where the new blog title came from, it’s from the headline I gave my Shovers and Makers profile (which I think I mentioned in the last post, but if you feel so inclined and have not yet done so, you can find here.) I don’t know where I came up with it, other than to say that for some reason I enjoy the word ‘ubiquitous’, and that the time I spend wandering around the vast realms of the internet is nothing short of ridiculous.

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