You know you’re obsessed with the blogosphere when…

  • You actually know what the hell the blogosphere is, and have used the word in a sentence (frequently). Extra points if you can identify at least one prefix used to describe a particular segment of the blogging community (a la biblioblogosphere).
  • You know who Andrew Keen is, and think he’s pretty much full of it.
  • You’ve ever uttered any of the following statements: “like I said in my last post…”; “this would make a great topic for my blog…”; or “I am so gonna blog on this tomorrow…”
  • You complain regularly to anyone who will listen about the number of rss feeds in your reader, and lament about how hard it is to keep on top of all them.
  • You’ve spent an entire day at work just trying to catch up on those aforementioned feeds. (You’re also secretly afraid to go on vacation without a laptop for the sole fear of facing your overloaded reader when you return…)
  • You know what a meme is, and pretend to despise them (while actually finding them kind of fun.)
  • You’ve tried to explain to someone why Andrew Keen and Michael Gorman suck, even though they have no idea who those people or and couldn’t possibly care less.
  • You know what a widget is and are constantly on the lookout for cool new ones to place on your blog.
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