Search Bookmarklet Code Files

In case you’ve been meaning to play around with creating your own library search bookmarklet, but needed a little “push”, I’ve created a compressed folder of all the code files you’ll need to do it, along with a ReadMe.txt with the directions. I tried to make it as simple as possible, so let me know… Read more »

oneSearch bookmarklet @ LibTech 2011

On March 17th (this Thursday,) I’ll be presenting at the Library Technology Conference on the oneSearch bookmarklet tool created by Barbara Arnett and I. Barbara won’t be able to make it out to Minnesota (she’ll be presenting the bookmarklet to the NJLA 2011 Technology Innovation Award committee,) but because we want to be as practical… Read more »

Bridging the gap from Wikipedia to scholarly sources: a simple library bookmarklet

So I know I have been alluding to a fancy-shmancy “project” for awhile now, and it’s finally at a point that I can show it off! Barbara Arnett and I (mostly Barbara, but I set the project in motion, so that counts for something I guess) have created a javascript bookmarklet that can be used… Read more »