Ennui, setting in…

I know I don’t post much here anymore (and I know that the “why I haven’t been posting lately” post is one of the blogosphere’s most popular refrains), but I’m truly uncertain as to why this poor blog is experiencing such a dry spell. It certainly isn’t from a lack of ideas. I think of topics to blog on all the time. In fact, I often compose eloquent (read:verbose) posts in my head while on the way home from work, or while trying to fall asleep at night. There’s certainly a lot to talk about in the world of information, and I do a ton of professional reading, but for some reason once I’m in front of a computer, all my inspiration just peters out.

It’s true that I’ve been extremely busy at work, but that’s really no excuse either, seeing as I seem to find the time to check Facebook, IM with my peeps and read about a hundred rss feeds a day…

Maybe it is the echo chamber that is the library and tech blogging worlds, making me feel like I just don’t have anything unique to say, or maybe it’s the frustration of constantly defending the continued existence of my profession making me feel like i don’t have anything interesting to say, or maybe, just maybe (and this is probably the most likely excuse) I am simply just too lazy to try and make sense of the sad mish-mash of triage efforts that my job has become.

At some point you become very disillusioned with all the wonderful, helpful things you could be doing for your patrons, because you are too busy trying to be all things to all people. That is the sad life of an ‘Information Services’ librarian. I mean, what *are* information services anyway? Pretty much only everything that goes on in a library. Sometimes doing a little bit of everything is a great way to keep from getting bored with your career, and sometimes it is just a recipe for feeling like you are constantly trying to move forward in all directions at once, a feat not easily accomplished, and sure to leave you exhausted on a fairly consistent basis.

OK, now I’m just griping, I know. So I guess you should just be thankful for my lack of posting, shouldn’t you? I’m sure you have better things to do than listen to me complain… like checking your Facebook.

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