Managing my online identities has been a bit of a challenge for me lately. With all these cool web 2.0 apps out there, I really am finding it hard to keep track of it all… I find that just keeping up on my rss feeds and checking out all my social networking profiles is eating up a more and more significant portion of my day.

And as if that’s not enough, the other day I had a bit of drama that had me back-tracking my internet steps for about an hour. Now, being the forward-thinking librarian that I am, I try to maintain a “professional” presence online (through this blog, as well as Myspace and Facebook pages, among other things.) But I also have a personal life online, and I work with members of the general population who I do not want knowing everything about me on such a personal level as some of my online entities allow. I generally try very hard to make sure there are as few as possible linkages between my professional and personal online personas. (Obviously I realize that a savvy user can track me down if they really want to, but still, I do my best to maintain a distance between the two…)

So the other day I decided to start writing a new library-related blog (which would allow me to speak as myself, instead of being the “royal we” of my library’s blog that I maintain). All was fine until I foolishly went into my Technorati account and claimed my new blog under my old username (which I had used to claim my [very] personal blog). Duh. Super-duh. Because you see, I had included a link in this new blog to my work blog. Now when you looked up my work blog in Technorati, it showed that this new blog linked to it, and when you clicked on the author of this new blog, you saw it was also the author of my [very] personal blog (wow, that was a mouthful, huh?). So I spent the next hour unclaiming and unfavoriting blogs in Technorati so as to destroy the chain of association. Oh yeah, and I had to go into and un-share all my personal links, because this blog links to my blogroll through

Is it me, or has my online life become incredibly more complicated than my real one?! I mean, I used to be one of those people who didn’t really care that I was putting so much out there on the internet, because, really, who the heck was paying all that much attention to little old me? But then you read stories like this, and, little by little, paranoia starts to creep in.

At least I’m not the only one with web 2.0 fever… (And just in case YOU haven’t caught it yet, check out The Cool Librarian‘s Social Software page, it’s a great intro to some of the more popular 2.0 apps out there.) Oh, and speaking of cool web 2.0 stuff, if you haven’t already seen this video, you NEED to check it out:

2 Responses to “cyber schizophrenia”

  1. Margaret

    Hi, I found your blog on the Library2.0 group (we are “friends” now). Just wanted to commiserate that keeping separate my personal and professional virtual identities is slowly driving me crazy.

  2. Jessica

    Thanks for the link-love!I spent the better part of this evening updating my claimID ( page. It’s a GREAT place to keep track of all your links!, if you’d like to check it out.And, yes, things are complicated now….